Making great food, together

Anat Franchise Guide

With franchises across the country, Anat is a wholesome household name, and is synonymous with great quality food.

With our founder’s attitude of fearlessness and dedication we ensure that each Anat serves meals of only the highest quality in the most welcoming of settings.

    Step 1

    Contact us via and begin the franchise process.

    We want to get to know you, and share our love of great food.

    Download our franchisee pack

    Step 2

    The Anat brand has been nurtured and built for over 20 years. Naturally we want partners who align with our ideals and values, that’s why we conduct comprehensive sustainability testing for our future relationship.

    Step 3

    If you’ve got this far don’t turn back!

    Meet Anat

    Share one of our meals with our founder, the final stage before you are invited to the family.

    We’d like to introduce you to the rest of our franchise family and invite you to spend three days in one of our shops.

    Franchisee on the job training and experience over a 2-month period. (Approval before training)