5 Ways to Enjoy Falafel

5 Ways to Enjoy Falafel

Falafel is a deep-fried ball or flat, donut-shaped patty made from chickpeas. It is a well-known Middle-Eastern dish, although is now enjoyed throughout the world, by meat lovers and vegetarians alike. We take a look at 5 different ways to enjoy falafel.

Falafel with Dips

If you are looking for an alternative to crackers or chips with your favourite dips, why not give falafel balls a go? Not only are chickpeas really good for us, but these are a tasty alternative. Falafel goes particularly well with tzatziki or tahini dips, but you can try them with just about anything. We would avoid trying them with hummus, as this could be too much chickpea at one time.

Falafel Burgers

Falafel is made in a similar way to burgers, with chickpeas being minced and ground and then shaping them. This makes turning them into burger patties so simple. In fact, for vegetarians, falafel patties are a perfect and delicious alternative to traditional beef or chicken patties. Take your roll and add your favourite salads, cheeses and sauces, and your falafel patty, for the ultimate falafel burger.

Falafel Wraps & Shwarmas

This is how we like to serve our falafel balls at Anat! Have them on their own or served in a fresh wrap or baked pita with all your favourite salads, pickles and sauces. We pride ourselves in allowing our customers to make it their way when they visit an Anat store, giving them the choice to make their meals just the way they like it.

Falafel Scotch Egg

This is the perfect vegetarian alternative for the classic Scotch Egg, and great for breakfast. Instead of covering your egg with your mince, you will use your chickpea mixture instead. You will still fry your scotch eggs as per normal. These are so tasty and great with tzatziki, mayo or pickles. We love this quick and easy recipe for Falafel Scotch Eggs here.

Falafel Lettuce Cups

This is a slightly lighter, slightly healthier way to enjoy falafel. It is great for when you have guests over, or just as a tasty meat-free snack or meal. Wrap your falafel in crunchy lettuce leaves and add your favourite sauces and condiments. We’d suggest a tangy tomato salsa, some guacamole and tzatziki.  You can also give this recipe for falafel in lettuce cups with garlic tahini sauce a go.

For more information on the history of falafel, be sure to take a look at our blog post here. For your next falafel fix, be sure to visit your nearest Anat store!