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Things You Didn’t Know About Spinach

When we think of spinach, many of us think of Popeye, who would guzzle a can of spinach and instantly develop bulging muscles and super-strength to save the day. While this may not be exactly accurate, it does have a few tricks up its sleeve, and some interesting facts that you may not have known. […]

5 Fun Facts About Paprika

Well-known for its gorgeous orange-red colour, paprika is a spice we love to use in our dishes at Anat. It has a delicious flavour, adding a warmth to meat and vegetable dishes. We share some fun facts and things you might not have known about Paprika here. It’s all in the name! The word “paprika” […]

Leftovers in Pita

Did you know that you can buy our baked pitas from supermarkets across the country, and they can be frozen? This makes them perfect for when there is a lockdown, for keeping in the freezer for those days you don’t really feel like cooking or just so that they don’t expire before you can enjoy […]

Main Dishes Turned into Easy Lunchtime Wraps

South Africa is in lockdown, and even though we are still able to go to the shops, in an effort to limit the spread of Covid-19, many people are trying to leave their houses as little as possible. When it comes to food, ANAT has some great ideas to help you get through this time. […]

Delicious Pitas with Lamb from the Braai

As South Africans, we love a good braai! At Anat, we love a good pita bread, so why not combine the two to create a truly South African pita dish? This recipe is definitely one to try on the weekend and will become a family favourite in no time. Find out how to make pita […]

A Brief History of Pita Bread

Pitas are a firm favourite at Anat and we serve them every day, filled with delicious meats, salads and sauces. Have you ever stopped to wonder where pita breads came from and how they evolved into what we know and love today? We take a look at the history of pita bread here. Where did […]

Why We Should Eat More Onions

All vegetables are important when it comes to eating a healthy, balanced diet, but each one offers unique benefits. Onions are part of the same family as garlic, leeks, chives and shallots, known as the Allium family. They have a number of health benefits and medicinal properties that have been recognized since ancient times. We […]

Quick & Easy 1-Pot Chickpea Shakshuka

Recipes like this one are real time-savers, delivering great dishes when you need them most without all the hassle. We love chickpeas and this is a great dish that really shows them off. Find out how to make chickpea shakshuka below. Ingredients (serves 6) 1 Tbsp olive oil ½ cup diced white onion or shallot […]

Meat-Filled Pies (Arayes)

These meat-filled pies, or arayes, are a popular Middle Eastern dish and a great addition to a meal or to be eaten as a snack. Most families have their own twist on this recipe that gets passed down from generation to generation. We look at a basic recipe here that you can try at home. […]

Baked Falafel Bowls

This recipe for baked falafel bowls is easy to make and you can use seasonal vegetables to switch it up. It is healthy and delicious, and a perfect lunch option. Ingredients Falafels (makes 20) 2 tins chickpeas (drained) 1 cup coriander (chopped) or a mix of parsley and coriander 1 cup onion (roughly chopped) 4 […]