Main Dishes Turned into Easy Lunchtime Wraps

South Africa is in lockdown, and even though we are still able to go to the shops, in an effort to limit the spread of Covid-19, many people are trying to leave their houses as little as possible. When it comes to food, ANAT has some great ideas to help you get through this time. You might not be able to purchase delicious meals from our stores, but you are able to make them at home with our baked goods, available in selected supermarkets, including Pick ‘n Pays, across the country. We share some great lunchtime wraps recipes that make use of your leftover dinner dishes.

Leftover Chicken Wraps

Whether you have enjoyed a roast chicken, chicken schnitzel or chicken breasts the night before, the leftovers are perfect for wraps. Add some lettuce or mixed greens, grated cheese, mayo, sweet chili sauce, tomato, and enjoy! For some extra protein, you could even add some boiled eggs to your wrap.

Barbecue Beef Wrap

This recipe is great for when you have leftover beef. Shred your meet, add your favourite barbecue sauce, and add to your wrap along with shredded lettuce (or coleslaw), sliced onions and some grated cheese. Delicious!

Curry-Filled Wraps

Maybe one of our favourite comfort foods! If you have leftover curry, whether its chicken, lamb or vegetable, there are few things better than a wrap filled with tasty curry! Add some of the remaining sambals and even some plain yoghurt if the curry has got even spicier overnight!

Roasted Vegetable Wrap

If the meat is gone, or you are a vegetarian, then this is a great option to use up any leftover roasted veg. Add your veggies to your wrap and crumble some feta into the mix. In fact, we’d suggest heating up your veg first to allow for the feta to get soft and melt a little, making for an even more delicious eating experience.

Mexican Mince Lunchtime Wraps

If you’ve had a pasta dish the night before, and have some mince left over, why not make your own Mexican mince wraps? Add a little chili to your wrap for that kick, along with some shredded lettuce, tomato, avo (if you have), sweetcorn (if you have), and enjoy!

The options for creating delicious wraps are endless, so make use of what you have in your fridge or freezer. ANAT wraps can also be frozen, making them a great choice for those stocking up.