Why We Should All Practice Meat Free Monday

Why We Should All Practice Meat Free Monday

At Anat, we love meat! We also love vegetables and believe in a healthy balance for the body. We recently added a Meat Free Monday option to our menu because we have noticed more and more people practicing this and eating less meat. There are some great benefits to practicing a day without meat, not only for our bodies but for our wallets and our world too.

Benefits for Our Health

  • Excessive red meat and processed-meat consumption increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables is said to decrease the risk of several types of cancer.
  • People who enjoy a more plant-based diet tend to have a lower body weight and BMI. This is due to the fibre in the plants contributing to a greater fullness which prevents overeating. A healthy weight is important in preventing and managing a number of diseases, including type 2 diabetes.
  • Those who enjoy more plants and wholegrains in their diet lessen their risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that 2,5 or more servings of wholegrains per day is associated with 21% lower risk of heart disease.


Benefits for Our Wallets

Meat tends to be more expensive than vegetables and fruits. By cutting it out for one (or more) day(s) each week you will see a decrease in your grocery bill.

Benefits for The Environment

  • Did you know that if the grain the meat industry uses to feed the animals we eat was fed to people on a plant-based diet instead, it would feed an estimated 840 million people in a year?
  • The destruction of the Amazon forest to make space for livestock has been a topic of conversation recently. Reducing our intake of meat would help lessen the destruction happening here.
  • As it takes 14 000L of water to produce 1kg meat and only 300L water to produce 1kg vegetables, we would be saving water by eating more veg and less meat.

So why Monday, you may be wondering? Well, studies have shown that Mondays are the best days for trying something new and making positive life changes. Why not try our Meat Free Monday option and make the change in your life! You will see changes in your health, in your wallet and the environment will be better off. Visit your nearest Anat and give Meat Free Monday a go.