Amazing Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Amazing Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the one condiment that people often choose to go without, but we should definitely be eating more of this fruit. That’s right, tomatoes are a fruit! We take a look at 6 incredible health benefits of tomatoes.


Tomatoes are good for your skin

Tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene, which is a substance used in some of the more expensive facial cleansers that you might find in stores or beauty salons. As well as including more tomato in your diet, you can also place the skin of the tomato on your face with the tomato touching your skin for an interesting facial mask.


Tomatoes help repair damage caused by smoking

While tomatoes probably won’t help you quit smoking, they can help to reduce the amount of damage done to your body by smoking cigarettes. Tomatoes contain coumaric and chlorogenic acid, both of which work to protect your body from the carcinogens that are produced from cigarette smoke.


Tomatoes are a source of essential antioxidants

Tomatoes contain high levels of Vitamin A and C, and these vitamins and the beta-carotene they contain work as antioxidants to neutralize harmful free radicals in the blood. Free radicals are dangerous as they could lead to cell damage. The redder the tomato, the more beta carotene it contains so always pick the reddest ones you can find!


Tomatoes help maintain strong, healthy bones

Tomatoes contain high levels of calcium and Vitamin K, both of which are essential in strengthening bones and bone tissue, as well as performing minor repairs when necessary.


Tomatoes are good for your health

Due to their high levels of Vitamin B and potassium, tomatoes are effective in reducing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure. By including tomatoes in a regular balanced diet, you can effectively prevent heart attacks, strokes and many other heart problems.


Tomatoes are good for your hair

Tomatoes contain high levels of Vitamin A which assists in keeping your hair shiny and strong. It also works wonders for your eyes, skin, bones and your teeth.


We serve tomato as an optional condiment at all of our Anat stores. The health benefits are endless, and they add a fresh, sweet and sour taste to any meal. Including fresh fruit and vegetable in a balanced diet is essential to living a long and healthy life. Here’s hoping that fewer people will go without the tomato in their next meal!