The Best Uses for Tzatziki

The Best Uses for Tzatziki

We love tzatziki, and we make a pretty good one if we do say so ourselves! You may be wondering what exactly tzatziki is? It is actually a savory Greek side dish that is made from yoghurt with cucumber, garlic and often mint. It is delicious and the perfect addition and condiment to many dishes. Take a look at some of the best uses for tzatziki.

On Burgers

Tzatziki goes well on regular meat and chicken burgers, and also on veggie burgers. It can transform a veggie burger from boring to mouth-watering in no time!

With Meat

It makes a tasty sauce for all kinds of meat, such as chicken, beef and lamb. It is a great way to spice up bland meat and especially good with grilled meats!

With Fish

White fish is the perfect fish to enjoy with tzatziki. It is a healthier option to tartare sauce and absolutely tasty.

On Sandwiches

Ditch the mayo and add some tzatziki when preparing your sandwiches. Not only is it often a healthier option, but it adds something special to your sandwich.

Add to Mashed Potatoes

We bet you haven’t heard this before! Add tzatziki to your potatoes while you are mashing them for a unique and delicious flavor.

As a Dip

A great option as a dip for vegetable sticks, pita bread or chips. It is sure to be a hit at any party or even just for a snack.

Topping on a Baked Potato

Skip the butter and sour cream and add some tzatziki on top of your baked potato.

In Pitas and Wraps

Try mixing your wrap or pita filling with tzatziki for a filling that is moist and full of flavour. Tzatziki will take any wrap or pita to the next level.

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